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12 January 2012

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3rd Annual RMB Rising

Internationalization of the Chinese Currency


Event Highlights

Thank you to all our sponsors, speakers, delegates and endorsing partners for making the 3rd Annual RMB Rising conference a great success. FinanceAsia and AsianInvestor started off the year with an excellent turnout of 22 top-tier speakers and 277 delegates representing over 170 companies across 6 countries convene at the conference on 12 January 2012. The recent announcement by Beijing about the new guidelines for RMB-qualified foreign institutional investors (RQFII) produced a high degree of excitement and interest amongst financial professionals, institutional investors, and corporates alike.

Opening the summit was Dr. Meiji Fong, advisor to China People’s Party Consultative Conference (CPPCC), who outlined the importance of both the international and Chinese context to the development of the yuan’s internationalization. Ann Lin Khoo, J.P. Morgan Treasury Services, then addressed, “Cross border RMB trade settlements – opportunities and challenges”. Talking about “FX Strategies in CNH”, Paul Mackel, HSBC, cautioned that more volatility can be expected from the RMB, but assured the audience that the yuan remains one of the preferred Asian currencies in 2012.

Concluding with an intense and interactive debate between panelists and audience on “Achieving full RMB convertibility” were Veronique Lafon-Vinais, HK University of Science and Technology (HKUST), who chaired the discussion between panelists Andrew Leung, Andrew Leung International Consultants; Sean Craig, International Monetary Fund (IMF); Zhen Gao, Mandarin Capital Partners, and Diana Choyleva, Lombard Street Research.
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Just a few comments from some of you: 

A timely and well managed conference immediately following year-end policies, economic data, and reform policies of China's currency permitting proper reviews, analysis, and accurate speculations of the currency movements. The audience would be able to clearly identify the market, economics, and multiple directions of the RMB and its next paths to further developments and internationalisation. The speakers, panels, and conference organizers were professionals of their industries, empathetic and clairvoyant to participants' intentions. Continual conferences of such kind would only further promote Asia's status in the global economic and financial platforms. Excellent job!”
Dr. Meiji Fong, Investment Advisor, CPPCC 

"Congratulations on the success of the seminar. I found theinformation provided in the seminar is very useful. Look forward to having another one in near future."
Freda Wong, Executive Director, CITIC Securities International 

"It was a fantastic event, gathering a diverse group of speakers from CBRC, HKEx, and other buy/sell-side executives. The agenda provides participants a  wide spectrum of ideas/facts across the onshore/offshore RMB market, giving us a blue-print of the mechanisms where RMB could be transforming into the upcoming future."
Vincent Woo, Senior Trader, China Universal Asset Management (HK)

Again, we appreciate your participation and look forward to welcoming you at the 4th Annual RMB Rising conference next year.

Matthew Swainson
Director of Conferences
Haymarket Financial Media
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